Chemical Trails, 6th Oct 2013
Holsworthy Devon - 13.20hrs

These Chemical Trails appeared over Holsworthy, Devon, England on Sunday, 6th October 2013.

The difference between "chem trails" and "con trails" are that "con trails" (condensation trails) disappear within minutes as they are water vapour from aircraft engines and is a by-product of burning kerosene fuel.

The "CHEM trails" in the photos are deliberately sprayed nano-particles and are used to block sunlight. We can breath them in of course!
The content is usually either aluminium, barium, or strontium, and are sprayed into the upper atmosphere to block sunlight - apparently!

The effect on human health is not divulged, but when the nanoscopic particles get 'rained out' they burn soft new plant tissue. Many plants die, and soft new plant tissue is burned out during rain.

This has been sprayed by aircraft throughout the UK and USA - apparently to block sunlight in an attempt to prevent global warming. This has resulted in 'strange' weather patterns throughout the globe and are altering the path of the jet stream. HAARP has also been mentioned when discussing the same subject. Scary!

Many soft tissue plants are 'burned' when the microscopic particulates settle on soft plant tissue during rain as the particles get washed out. Obviously we breathe these miniscule particles into our lungs too!

"Con trails" are condensation trails from jet aircraft and consist of water vapour only as a residue from burning the standard jet fuel. They remain visible for just minutes.

"Chem trails" are chemical trails and are microscopic particles purposely sprayed into the atmosphere. They are NOT water vapour and disperse over a period of an hour or more, spreading out into a thin haze which remains, making the NORMAL blue sky appear milky for many hours.

Chem trails criss-cross the sky as they are deposited in squares or patterns making sprayed trails which disperse far more slowly that 'con trails' and do not disappear totally as water vapour does. The sky appears milky aftewards and is not the clear blue we were used to.