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Tavistock is rightly called the "doorway to the moor", Devon's most beautiful Dartmoor National Park. Tavistock itself is a sleepy market town of great charm. Of great historic importance to the area in the past, Tavistock never does itself justice in declaring its history.

The Town Hall, built of beautiful green Hurwick stone the buildings offer a perfect foil to the grey granites of its pavements.

Four bridges across the river Tavy accentuate the linking of the town with its rural hinterland. Tavistock is still an important link for the rural villages and farms in the area - a great focal point still on Wednesdays (the fortnightly cattle market) and Fridays (the weekly pannier market).

There are many and varied pursuits and pastimes that the visitor may indulge in. There is everything from bowls, golf, fishing, canoeing, biking, swimming, rambling, trekking, horseriding, shooting and more!

Tavistock is also a gateway into Cornwall and a favourite route for holiday makers into that area. By coming via Tavistock they miss the fast flowing traffic that now dashes along the A30 dual carriageway, many miles to the nor'east towards Cornwall.

The tiny villages around the Tavistock area are worthy of exploration. If you are keen-eyed you may identify sites used in the TV series about a Vet!
Each has its gentle charm - although some are like the curate's egg - good in parts!

London is only 4 hours away by coach from almost anywhere in Devon. We manage to enjoy the best of all worlds. that is why so many people come to live here after visiting us on holiday
We must have got something special - musn't we!

Old photographs of Tavistock

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