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Knights Templar Connections - Temple & Blisland, Cornwall
Questions and Answers concerning the Knights Templar in Cornwall, UK.

The Hamlet of Temple, Cornwall.

Temple Church, Cornwall, England.

I have taken several photographs some years ago of the interior of Temple Church, showing obvious connections to the Knights Templar. It will come as a surprise to some that there appear to be anomalies in the stained-glass windows and artifacts within this tiny church. The second picture was taken at Blisland Church - and sets out a potted history of the Church occupied by the Knights Templar.

This photo depicts 'someone' kneeling before a baby, in what appears to be a stable environment, and is celebrating, or worshiping the baby lying in a manger. This may well be the Virgin Mary kneeling before Christ - but it doesn't say so! It is left to the viewer to decide.

It is important to realise that ANY artifact within a consecrated building (a church) has to have a "faculty" (written permission) to position it within the building. It would have to be 'approved'. That, properly, would even include a vase set up in a window cill, or pictures of the 'Stations of the Cross' which one often sees.

Firstly - the person kneeling is obviously PREGNANT. This would not be by accident. The artist would have known exactly what they were depicting. Other details are so painstakingly done and correct. SO - WHO is it? Likewise WHO is the baby lying in the manger and resting on what is known as 'a Glory'? Is it a possible reference to Mary Magdalene in FRANCE - indicating the continuation of the bloodline of Jesus - the Meronvingians? Note the symbol of the French Cross of Lorraine elsewhere at Temple. I include more pictures of this window where one can see obvious Freemasonic symbols and a STAR in the East above the tree (upper right).


This picture of the interior shows, adjacent to the 'Pregnant Madonna' what looks like a depiction of Christ ascending into heaven... but IS IT? Note that he is extending his arms and his hands do not show any signs of the stigmata. Indeed it appears that he is demonstrating the fact that there are none! Also only 2 faces of those gather around the ascending figure are exposed - and only one of them fully so. Does this represent the Order of Knights Templar with their current leader only exposed to full view? The crest of the Order depicted, the Alpha-Omega window, is a circular panel window above these two windows.

Note the chequered tiles on the floor immediately in front of the small, plain altar. The same pattern that is found inside every Freemason's Lodge. -


A very interesting small window in the base of the short tower shows a knight on a horse and circular symbols above and below. The symbols immediately reminded me of the symbols carved on an Ethiopian stele. It should be remembered that the windows throughout the church are relatively new. Therefore the designer knew about some connection with the Knights Templar and Ethiopia. Was it an indication of knowledge of the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant?


What is also interesting within the church stained glass windows is a depiction of St. Francis - who DOES show the stigmata in his hands quite distinctly. __

There seems to have been very little left of the original Church when rebuilding took place. What little there was can be seen built into the sexton's shed out in the churchyard. It depicts 2 'people' apparently sitting inside a goblet; a Cross of Lorraine; and what may be a shield and what may represent an 'empty tomb' - it looks like a shallow soap dish. It may of course have been used to hold holy water for self-anointing. A 'Glory' appears over the doorway.

The churchyard - though old certainly has several modern graves within it as can be seen from the photo.

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