ART - Painting in Oils
Stepping out...

Gallery - the Millennium Year
Set out in order of being painted

Pu Tor, Dartmoor.
February 2001

Oil on board, 12" x 10"

Pu Tor, Dartmoor
February 2001

Oil on board, 10" x 8"

Imaginative Imaginative, Dartmoor.
February 2001

Oil on board, 12" x 10"

My First Exercise

based on
'Morning, Lady's Cove' 1897
Alfred Sisley.
February 2001

Oil on hardboard, 18" x 24"

Ace of Diamonds 'Ace of Diamonds'
Beckamoor Combe, Dartmoor

at the staged process of 'blocking out'
February 2001

Oil on board, "12 x 10"

A Dartmoor stream A Dartmoor stream
February 2001

Oil on board, 16" x 12"

The journey continues...

The above paintings have been produced without reference to the particular 'wet on wet' technique as used by Bob Ross.
Nevertheless I have used 'wet on wet' during most of the painting. I used ochre to block out some of the pictures, I think that's what its called anyway:). Others I painted straight off. Where angels fear to tread...!

I chose Alfred Sisley as he seemed to appeal to my eye. I am, nevertheless, intimidated by his skill and I am sure he would be amazed at my audacity in attempting to copy him.

By attempting this exercise I have quickly come to realise the skill and craftmanship of Sisley; his use of texture, light and dark, color; brush strokes, the tension and shear emotion.
I paint, re-paint, and re-paint again and again, vainly attempting to reproduce the colours and strokes that the great man used to produce his work. The brightness of the scene itself is amazing to view. It is a vista that gladdens the heart and one can almost feel the warmth and the smells of the sea and sand. If only I could paint like that...

I'm afraid I couldn't show you a picture of the original because of copyright constraints. I feel extremely audacious to even show my feeble attempts at copying, but at least I claim that copyright, gladly and gratefully acknowledging Alfred Sisley in the process.
For those 'purists' whom I offend I apologise. To those with greater tolerance I say 'Thank you'.