Gateways to Dartmoor National Park.

Mary Tavy, Peter Tavy, Brentor and Lydford . These four villages are ideal locations to use as access points to West Dartmoor, and to High Dartmoor (the northern moorland) proper.

Mary Tavy
The village of Mary Tavy (pop. 800+) abutts immediately on to the moor and is close to all facilities.In addition, for those who would rather explore the in-land areas there are 32 footpaths and bridleways within the parish of Mary Tavy alone! Plenty of walking, even for those who do not want to venture onto the moors.

Explore the wooded valley of the river Tavy - a delight to anyone who enjoys nature and peace and tranquility!

Peter Tavy
The little village of Peter Tavy (pop 400+) sits on the western slopes of the Tavy valley. It has immediate access to Dartmoor itself via the coombe, and enjoys a typically Dartmoor village setting.
Don't expect to see too many cars - although perhaps several people on horseback!
Brentor, (pop. 300+) is a very tiny settlement set on the very edge of the Dartmoor National Park. It does not have street lighting of any kind - the residents refused it! It has two churches, a chapel, a war memorial and an Inn. Its famous local blacksmith, John Allen has just retired!
Lydford is full of history and legend. Spend a while asking the locals in the village pubs what they are and why is Lydford so famous. They will be delighted to tell you!
Visit the "White Lady" waterfall of Lorna Doone fame nearby - (Its the waterfall that John Ridd climbed!) The falls are situated within Lydford Gorge which is owned by the National Trust.